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About Us


Our Company is an international highly specialized partner in the conception and manufacturing by precision machining of parts

 and components subjected to high constraints.


Currently our main profile is machining aluminium castings. Eloy has been present in the cnc technology and the automotive industry since 1919.

Currently we are looking to extend our customer base and we would like to be your Supplier !


Founded near Paris the group started with bolt machining for the electricity and automotive industry.

In 2013 Eloy Hungary
Kft. was found in the city of Jászberény as a second plant to support the increasing demand and to utilize the central european industry.


We are machining a complete range of :Carters, valves, housings, pumps, heating body, electrical connections, compressor body, turbo couplings,

 plates, distributors, stirrup, wheel cylinders, tie rods, ball joints, coupling transmitter...and many more with more than 400 active references

 in unique, serial and aftermarket parts.


We can machine a wide range of material such as : steel, steel alloy, cast iron, copper and alloys,

 aluminium and alloys, plastic, special materials on demand (composits).